There are sets of flashcards available in many bookshops but I find much more interesting to make your own. You can make them on your own or involve your students. You can draw them, use children’s drawings, coloring pages or photos from a magazine. When involving your students, they are obviously more engaged, will be more willing to use them later on and the drawings will be more familiar to them. Another advantage is that we can personalized them by using the same colours as the items in the class. We can also decide if we want to have the word beneath the picture, have only the picture or have the word behind. The words can be classiffied by colours such as blue for verbs, red for nouns or use the same colour for a specific lexical set.

Once flashcards are bought or made the question is how to use them. We can use them to introduce, revise or consolidate vocabulary. We could also play memory games, what’s missing and so on. Something that I have recently discovered is to use small flashcards in a pocket chart. Students can match the word and the picture, the picture and the colour or shape and so on. There is a wonderful example of their use here.


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