the predecodable book


I have yet to find anybody or any coursebook using predecodable books in the ESL classroom, that’s not to say that they don’t exist, just that I have yet to see them. As I believe that very young learners and young learners learn language in a similar way to natives of the same age, I find these books really useful. For this reason, I have included a predecodable book for each of Ken and Karen’s stories.

To know how to make them just follow these steps:

1. Print page 1 and then page 2 on the opposite side of the same piece of paper.

2. Print page 3 and then page 4 on the opposite side.

3. Place page 4 on top of page 2.

4. Fold, check and staple.

The predecodable books can help children learn to read in English. Children can take them at home and practise there or leave them in the classroom library. Once every child is able to read the books, we can extend them by adding adjectives such as colours or sizing. At the end of the year all the storybooks can be bound and used during the summer or next year to consolidate their knowledge.


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