The Stories


Ken and Karen’s stories can be exploited in many different ways. It is worth reading The Primary English Teacher’s Guide, by Jean Brewster and Gail Ellis, if you want to know about aspects such as: why use stories in class?, criteria for selecting storybooks, reading or telling stories and storytelling techniques. You can also find more tips from them in another of their books, Tell it again!

Here I’m going to focus on something that I came across the other day and I found fascinating. I’m talking about Kamishibai. For those like me who didn’t have any idea of their existence, take a look at this post which will help you learn more about what we’re talking about: Kamishibai

You can buy the stage through this web page. But I prefer the idea of recycling a box to have my own. A wooden box like those given in vegetable shops could work. Once the stage is ready it’s time to think of things like: how to organize the classroom, if you want to  tell, read or listen to the story as I mentioned above. Everyone has their own way and every story demands different things, for these reasons you will find different ideas in Ken and Karen’s lesson plans.


2 thoughts on “The Stories

  1. Margie Marc

    Dear Conchi,

    I really enjoyed reading some of the entries on this blog and particularly pleased to see that you mentioned the Kamishibai for storytelling. I came across this idea some years ago on the web and then decided to demonstrate it in a teacher training session. I wonder if you could get in touch. I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask with respect to possible collaboration with my organisation.

    Keep up the good wrok!

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