Literacy tools for EFL very young learners and YL


There are many literacy tools that can be used in EFL classes. Many are well known and are well worn and well used (to be polite) in EFL coursebooks and accompanying teacher’s books. With that in mind, I find that others are still to be discovered,  especially those intended for preschool students.

By saying this, I’m assuming that preschool and primary English speakers and EFL children have many things in common and that some tools if not all can be used in both scenarios. Indeed, I believe that literacy teachers would be ideal EFL teachers of little ones. Whereas EFL teachers who have only be exposed to adult learners aren’t necessarily the most able to catter the needs of very young learners and young learners. Many will disagree with me on that, at least monetarily.

In this new project I’m going to analyse some literacy tools waiting to be discovered in the EFL classes.


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